Partner organizations

Centre for Holocaust Research and Education (CHRE)
CHRE is an independent organization established in Belgrade in 2014, with the aim to actively contribute to the social, historical and factual interpretation of the Holocaust, the genocide of the Roma, and crimes against humanity committed during the Second World War in Serbia and Yugoslavia. CHRE is engaged on the analysis of historical narratives by conducting archival, narrative, and field research, as well as fact-finding activities. The organization strives to offer to the public an independent outlook on the events of the Holocaust, genocide of the Roma and forced labour; other activities entail documentation publishing, mapping of locations of historical events, documenting testimonies and changes in social and topographic structures which affect policy-making and memory culture. CHRE believes that voices of the participants and witnesses can be conveyed through testimonies as well as key documents and that their messages must find a rightful place in the public discourse, education, and commemoration.

Humboldt University
The university was founded over 200 years ago based on the Wilhelm von Humboldt’s idea on the unity of research and teaching. With 189 areas of scientific studies and over 35,000 students, it is one of the largest and at the same one of the best universities in Germany. In 2012 it was chosen the “University of Excellence” by the Federal government. The university features 20 departments in the field of history, including the history of Eastern Europe, with separate research of the history of South-Eastern Europe. The period of research at the Department of History of the 20thcentury entails the entire spectrum of the 20th German history, from the German Empire to the unification in 1990, with special emphasis on the National Socialism. The research of National Socialism is of particular importance and research methods used include historical anthropology, cultural history and history of everyday life.

Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future"
In remembrance of the victims of National Socialist injustice, EVZ Foundation works to promote human rights and understanding between peoples. The Foundation is thus an expression of the continuing political and moral responsibility of the state, the private sector and society as a whole for Nazi injustice and towards the victims.
The Foundation supports international projects in the following areas:

• A critical examination of history
• Working for human rights
• Commitment to the victims of National Socialism

The EVZ Foundation was established in 2000, primarily to make payments to former forced labourers. The payments programmes were completed in 2007. The Foundation’s capital of EUR 5.2 billion was provided by the German Government and German industry. A total of EUR 358 million was set aside as Foundation capital in order to finance project support. The Foundation finances its long-term funding activities out of the income generated by this capital.