The study visit to the camp at Sajmište with a lecture by Milovan Pisarri, had been organized as an open, public event. The walking tour of the camps had included three stations, each for one of the camps that were active at the site. The context of forced labour, while always present, has been distinctly different for each of the three camps: The Judenlager Semlin, active from October 1941 to late May 1942, Anhaltelager Semlin, at the same location, active between June 1942 and June 1944, And the OT (Organization TODT) camp, later a POW camp, on the adjoining plot, that was active from Summer 1941 until 1943. The lectures had focused on the subjects of Forced labour and the Holocaust, the prisoners from the Independent State of Croatia, as well as those from occupied Serbia run by Nedić government. The focus was on the transit function of the camp, and the work and suffering of Serbian and Yugoslav forced labourers in various locations throughout the Reich as well as occupied Europe. The third, TOT organization camp had been a place of triage and transit of paid workers, as well as civilians and captured partisans and foreign soldiers, especially Italians, after the capitulation of Duce's regime.