Symposium „Forced Labour, Serbia and Germany 1941 - 1945“

A second symposium entitled „Forced Labour, Serbia and Germany 1941 - 1945“ was held on March 15th, 2018, at the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg, gathering historians from Serbia and Germany. The focus of the panel was the broad utilization of forced labour in Serbia and the region of northern Bavaria during the Nazi regime. In German-occupied Serbia in the period 1941 - 1944, labourers were not recruited solely for the purpose of forced labour within the German Reich, but were also exploited to serve German war industry in their home countries. The first panel featured presentation of events in Serbia: Milan Koljanin spoke about the Sajmišteconcentration camp for Serbian forced labourers, while Sabine Rutar focused on the food supply to forced labourers in the Bor mine.

At the second panel a link was made between the countries using the example of Nurnberg and the surrounding area.Presentation given by Zoran Janjetovićwas focused on the recruitment of civilian workers in Serbia, and SanelaSchmiddiscussed the destiny of Serbian forced labourers who ended up in Nurnberg. Hanne Lessaugave a retrospect on the Nazi Party Rally Grounds as the centre for the distribution of prisoners of war and civilian forced labourers in the northern Bavaria.Following that, the focus of the discussion moved to the Serbian prisoners and forced labourers at the Flossenburg concentration camp and its satellite Hersbruck camp. Johannes Ibel presented an extensive database of the Flossenbourg Memorial, while Ulrich Fritz addressed the issue of Hersbruckas on the many satellite camps of the Flossenbourg concentration camp.The last panellist Thomas Wrensch from the Documentation Centre Hersbruck Concentration Camp spoke about the work that the centre is carrying out with students of local schools in cooperation Ljubisa Letic, a former Serbian prisoner of the Hersbruck concentration camp.


Zoran Janjetović

(Institute for Contemporary History of Serbia),

Sanela Schmid

(Humboldt-Universität, Berlin),

Milan Koljanin

(Institute for Contemporary History of Serbia),

Sabine Rutar

(Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies, Regensburg),

Hane Lessau

(Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds, Nurnberg),

Johannes Ibel

(Flossenburg Concentration Camp and Museum),

Urlich Fritz

(Bavarian Memorial Foundation, Minhen),

Thomas Wrensch

(Documentation Centre Hersbruck Concentration Camp),

Nikola Radić Lucati