Map of the locations of Roma suffering in Belgrade, Kragujevac and Leskovac during WWII

Detailed interactive and geo-referenced maps of Belgrade, Kragujevac, and Leskovac are presented in GIS application with a contemporary map, satellite images, historical map and aerial photos from the WW II period. On the active placemarks of the victims' and witness' locations, is archival data with descriptions and signatures from the records of war damages commission, the "State Commission for Establishing the Crimes of the Occupiers and Their Abettors." kept in the Archive of Yugoslavia. The data structure follows the data available in the records. The work on these maps is ongoing and does not represent the final number of victims or to fully represent the state of historical records.

Selection of base layers: Satellite image, Open street map, Topographic map, Minimal maps, light, and dark.

Map contents (layers): Geo-referenced Situational city plan of Belgrade from 1937, in 1:5000 scale (VGI), Geo-referenced reconnaissance aerial photographs from bombing raids on Belgrade in 1944 (USAF), Vector layer of objects of historical importance and neighborhoods of importance to the subject. The accuracy of geo-referenced historical maps is approx. 3m.

User options: Place-markers, clustering, selection of base layers and layer transparencies are user adjustable. Bookmarking and drawing shapes are also available.

Location maps are available at the following link:


Map of Serbia - concise overview of the locations of Roma suffering

Educational map of the most important locations of Roma suffering in Serbia is the overview of the locations and events enabling quicker and efficient orientation. Some of the locations in this map are linked to the CHRE content outside of this website. Some of the locations are linked to the sites of other organizations.


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