“Džanes ko sem? - Do you know who I am?”

Is an educational publication for use in teaching, offering the basic information on Roma culture, language, and history, with focus on Roma suffering during the World War Two, the genocide (Porajmos/Samudaripen), and Roma rights in Serbia today. In this publication, you will also find group workshops on discrimination and human rights. In English, 72 pages, a free download PDF file with QR codes for mobile devices and active links to additional content. Creative Commons license. 26MB file, loading time cca 30 seconds. 


Srđan Hercigonja, forumZfD

In 2012, in Berlin’s central Tiergarten park a memorial was unveiled in honor of the Roma and Sinti victims of National Socialism, that is, a memorial to the victims of Porajmos, which is the accepted, but also a contested name given to the genocide against the Roma and Sinti before and during World War II. Some forms of public commemoration of such a systematic elimination of Roma have been registered in Western Europe before, while the suffering of Roma in other countries has remained marginalized in collective memory as well as in contemporary historiography.

The aim of the partnership between the Belgrade-based Center for Holocaust Research and Education, ForumZFD in Serbia and Romanipen, which resulted in this publication, is to develop and use the new methodology in broaching the subject of genocide against Roma in the education curricula in Serbia, thus focusing more on history, but also on the present situation of one of the most marginalised groups in our society. Through this publication entitled “Džanes ko sem? - Do You Know Who I Am?”authors and implementers of this project provide support for teachers of humanities in primary and secondary schools in working with their students on issues related to genocide against Roma during World War II and discrimination of Roma in the contemporary society. Fostering critical thinking on the issue of Antigypsyism today, but also the emancipation of Roma in the educational system of Serbia have been identified as the project’s indirect objectives.

This publication comprises six parts, which constitute the training material for the teachers of humanities-related to sensitive topics such as the mass crimes and genocide. The content focuses also on Roma history and culture. Finally, through the examples of workshops, it further develops the topics of stereotypes and prejudices and their connection with the mass crimes and genocide. The publication is issued in the Roma, Serbian, and English languages.

Milovan Pisarri is the editor and author of the history section. The recommendations for teachers and four workshops proposals have been developed by Nada Banjanin Đuričić, while Slađana Miladinović and Božidar Nikolić are the authors of the text on the language and culture of Roma. Marijana Stojčić worked on this publication as a consulting expert.

This publication was realized through the generous support of forum ZfD, International Alliance for Holocaust Remembrance - IHRA within the scope of the project “Porajmos in Serbia - Mapping the Past, Changing the Future”, and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

Web edition
Belgrade, 2018
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Džanes ko sem?
(Do you know who I am?)

Educational materials
about the genocide
against the Roma
during World War II
and antigypsyism
in Serbia



Center for Holocaust Research and Education

For the publisher:

Nikola Radić


Milovan Pisarri


Nada Banjanin Djuričić,

Slađana Miladinović,

Božidar Nikolić,

Milovan Pisarri


Milica Cimeša,

Srđan Hercigonja

Consulting expert:

Marijana Stojčić

Translation into English:

Irena Žnidaršić - Trbojević

Translation into Romani:

Maja Jovanović,

Rajko Jovanović

Proofreading and editing:

Hristina Piskulidis

Design and illustration:

Nikola Radić


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