KILLING SITES – First Stage of Holocaust in Serbia and Croatia, supported by IHRA and Ministry of Culture, Serbia.

With the following project partners: Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia – FJCS and University of Rijeka Faculty of Philosophy Department of Cultural Studies.

We are currently at work building a permanent research and remembrance educational resource on the first stage of Holocaust in Serbia and Croatia. Principal aim of the project is to leverage the new research and the critical thinking on the Holocaust, the Genocide against the Roma, and the fascism into factually accurate education platform. A number of locations and events are researched anew, and brought to the attention of local communities and decision-makers, improving their cooperation into forming the educational and commemorative solutions for the sites. Local participants and academics are taking part in the project events. The permanent resource platform will be a website in Serbo- Croatian and English, providing open access to historical material, such as photographs, documents and testimonies available for each location, using clear and accessible mapping and timeline based presetation, as well as ready to use educational materials.