The records of testimony given to the "State Commission for Establishing the Crimes of the Occupiers and Their Abettors", active between 1943-1946, are kept today in the Archives of Yugoslavia in Belgrade. These testimonies, given just after the liberation, are valuable documents on the suffering of the people of Yugoslavia because they were given by the survivors and first-hand witnesses personally. The Roma testimonies are of special importance, being complete and detailed, usually given by the surviving wives, mothers, and children, detailing the terror of the occupiers and the collaborationists they were exposed to. The data brought to light here are partial, yet representative enough cross-section of the escalation of the application of racist laws, which made the Jews and the Roma equal during the fall and winter of 1941-1942.    

The data shown in the tables are following the structure of the commission records and can be searched and filtered according to categories, at the bottom of the table. The data have been entered according to the archival signatures and all processed records have been entered regardless of the kind of damage being reported. The work on the completion of the database is an ongoing activity of CHRE, and new entries will be regularly updated.

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